Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We got Updated School Pictures!

Ryan is now in the 11th Grade
and is in Swimming right now.

Keagan is in the 9th Grade
He is still in Band and was
selected for a Special Band Group
so he travels & plays the Trumpet

Baby is in 6th Grade and
she is still a pitcher in softball.
She played both summer and fall
softball this year. She is now playing

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

School Pictures

Keagan is 14 and in the 8th Grade

Ryan is 16 and in the 10th Grade

Baby is 11 and will be 12 on Dec. 22nd and is in the 5th Grade

Monday, December 8, 2008

Grandma's New Pictures

Our "Sweet 16" Grandson has wheels! Ryan is taking his driver's test today and soon will be on the Stillwater street!!!!!!!!! Watch Out! Not really I have been in the car with him driving and he is a very good driver. He is wanting to attend Ozark Bible College when he graduates and become a Youth Pastor. We are very very proud of Ryan.

We also got to attend Baby's first basketball game. It ended in a tie, but was a terrific game. We Really enjoyed it! Baby is playing Basketball, but her love is still pitching and playing softball. Baby is taking piano lessons as well as Keagan. We are very proud of the accomplishment all of them have made in school.

This is a picture of Mike Jr's gift from his family for his birthday. He completed his online college and now has his Bachelor's Degree. They had it framed for him. We are very proud of DAD!

We went over to Stillwater on Sunday to take Mike, Keagan and Ryan out to eat for their birthday's. Keagan was 14 on Cot. 22nd, Ryan was "Sweet 16" on Nov. 27th (Thanksgiving Day) and Baby will be 12 on Dec. 22nd. They are all three growing so fast Grandma can't keep up with them!

Keagan turned 14 on October 22, 2008. He is getting so tall! Keagan loves music. He travels with his band group and plays at many concerts all over. He plays the trumpet. He also plays the piano and we are going to Stillwater tomorrow evening to see him play at a concert there. We are looking forward to that! We are proud of Keagan as he is a very good musician and really good with academics. His grades are always excellent!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandkids Sunday Visit Sept. 7th, 2008

Ryan will be 16 in November, Keagan will be 14 in October and Baby will be 12 in December. These kids have grown up to young adults on Grandma. They are so much fun to be with!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby's Softball Tournament Here In Enid Summer 2008

Her team is the Dirt Diva's, she is the Pitcher. She really loves Softball!

At Grandma's house in Califronia

Since we had so much fun in California we are now accepting contributions toward our 2010 Summer Vacation to Disney World, anyone who would like to contribute feel free to send to Attn: Grandma "B" in OK since Oklahoma wages are not what Califronia wages are it will take me longer to save my money!!!!!!!

Grandpa pooped out on us................

last Trip to Sea World with Grandkids

What fun memories we had!

Keagan almost made it also!!!!!

Ryan made it to the very top!!!!!!! So much like his GRANDMA "B" Never gives up.....................